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The content space is vibrant and still evolving. In 2021 we picked up the pace while new opportunities presented themselves. Social media and video were and will continue to be the new key to optimal brand building.

It's odd to think that social media is still new when it comes to being implemented in marketing strategies from the ground up. Often an afterthought, the behemoths reach, is beginning to be abundantly clear. The relevance and importance can not be understated while the impact is easily measured. Measuring the performance and impact of branding activities is also much easier as long as you put the right tools and strategies in place.

At MoriiMedia our strategies are centred around stories and social media to connect with our audience and showcase our capabilities. As a hybrid creative video production and marketing company that produces all kinds of content, including social media assets, we attempt to constantly research and educate ourselves on the latest value-creating strategies, platforms, features, etc., that help support our clients.

Here is a list of video and social media trends we're eying, so we can continue to help businesses and creators successfully navigate the saturated digital space.

This article shares platforms to watch and add to your arsenal and statistics to help form the building blocks of your brand and marketing strategy.



Text animation and captioning is KING and trending into 2022. You have seconds to grab your audience's attention. When/if you do you better, have a call to action or hook in place that keeps you top of mind.

92% of consumers watch videos without sound, making it very important to provide captioning to effectively communicate with your audience.

5-15 second video ads are here to stay.

Platforms like TikTok, Instagram and especially YouTube are spearheading the short ads movement. Unskippable short video ads are becoming the norm for many brands actively marketing on these platforms.

Less production more authenticity is the easiest way to resonate in 2022.

Today video marketing is predicated on creating authentic content with engaging storytelling that people believe and trust. The overly polished content may not feel realistic, approachable and your target audience grows more accustomed to swiftly filtering it away.

Search is going visual as Search-optimized videos gain steam throughout the video marketing industry.

Digital video marketing is a relatively new concept to digital marketers still it is something to keep in mind for the next few years. Video search is in a position to be the standard in e-commerce and brand information curating.

Personalized Videos

From recorded videos and styles that look like regular video chats to scheduling video chats for sales, customer service, consulting etc. aided by working from home schemes peer-to-peer video interaction is on the rise in 2022. Recruiters are using it as a tool to connect with talent on platforms like LinkedIn. Short personalized videos attached in emails are great tools when connecting to clients and budget-friendly when running campaigns and A/B testing.

In the world of e-commerce, we will see an increase in shoppable video content. Shoppable videos are shorts that allow audiences to click (most likely tap) and purchase products instantly through the video. The ocean is red and the competition is fierce. In 2022 the brand-building champions will be the brands that proactively look to earn their target audiences attention and leverage it with un-obtrusive but ever-present call-to-actions and seamless user experiences.

Shoppable videos are just one side of the multi-sided coin of interactive content. Users want to engage with the brands they are following more than ever, and viewing interactive videos gives them more control over their experience, thus making it more memorable.

Influencing in all sizes and shapes

Some think that high engagement is a thing of the past, something the Nano-Influencer marketing respectfully disagrees with and is challenging. The market has been driving exceptionally high engagement rates and studies show that nano-influencers, those with fewer than 5,000 followers drive the highest engagement rate, followed next by micro-influencers, users with 5,000-20,000 followers. Audiences consider micro and nano influencers to be more authentic and trustworthy.

Platforms to watch

One study has found that more than 75% of video viewing is mobile another study found that smartphone users hold their phones vertically about 94% of the time. The studies are to be updated soon, though the results have only become more prevalent.

Vertical videos and short-form content is no longer the new kid but the bully. The bully has issues, and to participate and stay on the playground brands and businesses have to adjust and make peace.

TIKTOK and Instagram are way ahead in this field. YouTube proceeds to beta test new features but still reigns supreme in time spent and on the longer video format end of things. We will be sharing a deep dive into each platform to inform and help businesses create better content and include video in branding efforts optimally.

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