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The Artist's Journey

To be an artist you need to have a subject, a voice, a point of view, a specific style and a medium of expression.

Just like we believe we are all made of stories we also believe there is an artist's journey in all of us.

The hobby you used to pursue and possibly even excelled in or the tedious job that you have gained experience in are all expressions of a subject that you put into the world. The style and perspective that you bring to the table are what make it unique.

When dissected into its rawest form art simply means the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. The idea behind Morii started with a very simple idea of being drawn to discovering, capturing and curating moments of inspiration that all feed into the same purpose. Telling Stories and building authentic brands.

An issue with any pursuit not just creative ones is the trap of falling prey to stress and pressure from not moving towards your target fast enough.

This has led Morii to approach things from a place of study, learning and seeking mastery for the fun of it. We have found this approach helps minimize negative self-imposed pressure. It also keeps us flexible and aligned with a "Craftsman mindset".

In his book, So Good They Can’t Ignore You, Cal Newport discusses approaching your career with what he calls the “craftsman mindset” vs the perils of approaching it with the “passion mindset.” Newport describes the two terms as follows:

“The craftsman mindset focuses on what you can offer the world, the passion mindset instead focuses on what the world can offer you. This mindset is how most people approach their working lives.”

If your approach is one of seeking a very specific outcome and reward every day, minute and second that outcome doesn't pan out is a disappointment.

On the other hand a "Craftsman Mindset" is solely about the effort you put in and the deep focus you can put into creating something without any outcome in mind. This approach shifts everything from the horizon you put on things to the criteria you have for success.

Success goes from how much you can sell a project for to how much better the project is than your last project. Creating goes back to being what it is meant to be. An adventure that you can constantly improve and embark on at any time with no added useless weight to it.

“Whether you’re toiling in a cubicle or wheeling and dealing in high finance, you have an artist’s journey just like the filmmaker or the dancer or the novelist. Will you embrace this adventure consciously and morally, or will you deny it and reject it? Either way, that journey remains alive inside you. It will not sleep and it will not go away. It insists on being lived out.” — Steven Pressfield

You too possess an artist’s journey. What form the art and journey present themself in is all up to you.

So what do you want your body of work to be? A job and skill you solely did for the pay? Or something you did that brought you joy and that even oftentimes looked and sounded like work to others?

Art is not only a tool for expressing it is also one of the most underrated methods of discovering.

The great secret that every artist and mystic knows is that the pro­found can be reached best by concentrating upon the mundane. Do you want to write? Sit down at the keyboard.
Wanna paint? Stand before an easel.
Wanna dance? Get your butt into the studio.

Steven Pressfield

A great video by Ethan Hawke that touches on a lot of the same subjects. Keep being you and keep creating. We are always happy to connect so follow us and reach out on any of the available channels. - Morii

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