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Marketing for Beginners: The Best Articles and Expert Resources

A Guide to the Best Resources in the Marketing Industry

The marketing and advertising industry is a multitrillion maze with endless opportunities if wielded right. Unfortunately for people looking to begin their quest in marketing, it is impossible to know where to start. There are just too. Many. Resources. And, to be honest, too many boring ones.

That is where we come in. The expert curators at Morii have plunged into years of blog posts, and analysed every Tv ad since the Super Bowl came into existence.

All this was to bring you.

Yes, you!

A step-by-step guide to the best resources in the marketing industry.

  • What you will not find here: Intangible advice.

  • What you will find: Insightful case studies, videos, articles, and more that have been noteworthy nuggets of knowledge to many.

Let's get into it!

1. The basics

2. The concept of Branding

3. Ads vs Audience

4. Hard questions

5. Data in marketing

6. Renowned case studies

7. Free courses and certifications


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