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We are all made of stories

A Griot is and has always been a very special honor in Africa. A Griot used to be a person that would be tasked with keeping the village’s history, poetry, and music but most of all had the privilege of keeping its stories.

@04:56 — In what has to be one of the best acceptance speeches ever. Dave Chappelle, a true and legendary storyteller, explains how his mom presented and shared this beautiful tradition with him. Ultimately fueling the fire in his passion to become a comedian and storyteller.

As Mama Chappelle shared with Dave ‘’When a griot died, it was like a library was burnt down’’.

I admire storytelling and that is in all the forms it reveals itself. We engage in it with basically all the tools at our disposal. Verbally, visually, digitally, you name it. If you surround a baby with people, the child would eventually speak, even without aid. The purest purpose of all our different outlets and the tools at our disposal is perhaps to assist us in keeping and sharing our stories. Our stories not only help us find our voice but assist in seeing others’ perspectives. There is great value to be found in sharing your story, but just as much, if not more, can stem from delving into others’ stories.

“The desire to capture a fleeting moment”

The term Morii comes from The Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrows, created by John Koenig. Chances are you have never heard of it but even greater still that you are familiar with the feeling.

It arises in the intersection between being in the moment and simultaneously realizing the beauty of the moment. It is obvious to us that all moments particularly the special ones aren’t cut from the same cloth. Alike the pieces of chocolate in this little box we call life, we all have our carefully crafted ideas of what constitutes what’s worth capturing.

In many ways, we live in a time where the capturing part is easier than it has ever been. The desire to capture, I think is a line that has been blurred with technology and the idea that we need to publicly share as much as possible. Not only are fleeting moments brief but some luck is needed if, in fact, the act of capturing has to do them justice.

I believe all creativity in the world, whether on paper, canvas, dancing, or in plain voice seeks the mastering of two things at the heart of it all. Storytelling and being patient and present when noticing and pursuing the ever-elusive glimpses of genius.

Morii comes from the term Memento mori. “All men must die’’. I don’t believe it’s meant to be morbid at all but it does serve as a polite awakening to us all. Appreciate all the things you can while you are here, share and collect as many stories as you can. There is a lot they don’t tell you about “marching to the beat of your own drum’’. Mainly the fact that your damn drum changes its beat often. As it should. Just like storytelling is meant to surpass its motives and be sufficient in itself.

Shameless plug: Jens Johnsen and I are working on a project called Morii. We wish to help small companies share and find their voice. In this pursuit, we also hope to become storytellers ourselves. Connect and show some love @Media.Morii

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