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Frontloading Discomfort and Meditations on Creativity, Effort and Focus

Most people, distracted by external and internal tribulations, don't have an idea of what it is like to stay at the edge and revel in how it feels.

The feeling of honing in on the effort and focus it takes to manifest creative exploits.

Optimising time in this state is how we as individuals build aptitude.




Here is where I make my disclaimer in bold:

It is and will always be overwhelming and exhausting.

So why are we tempted to take the path of frontloading discomfort?

What is frontloading discomfort anyway?

What is the reason for the conservation of effort and focus?

I believe everyone wants to experience their "edge". A fleeting moment where you are at your peak but in balance. Yet still, we are taught to play it safe. When do you get to go all out and see to what degree your inner aspirations can go from daydreams to schedules?

There is nothing sweeter than getting to the edge and staying there. Only perhaps getting there and staying there for longer than you thought possible.


Physically and mentally. Again and again.

And again.

There are endless ways to suffer in silence. Neglecting one's health is a perfect manifestation of that.

Far from the superhuman, we at times think we are. There is solace in realising that any Achilles heel we possess doesn't make us weak.

As long as you remember to keep it moving.

The relationships we internally have with our experiences are what dictate who and what we become.

This spills over into everything that you do, say and create.

The idea of frontloading discomfort can be derived from these images.

Quote from wait but why instagram and blog post. Quote about life and finding balance.

Dont't you want to see what happens if you don't give up?
Good question

Life happens outside

Some things will be wonderful and some things will be terrible and that's what makes it magic
Some things will be wonderful and some things will be terrible and that's what makes it magic @Oliviaherrickdesign

Somewhere on this spectrum is where you find the specific edge that you have led yourself to.

Here is how your body reacts when in different mental states.

Happiness looks as awesome as it feels, but as a human with the ability to feel 14 other states, it might be a good idea to be as present as possible and explore the habits that form the complex blurb that is you. The edge is the doorknob to your creativity and happiness.

To dance on the edge where you perform and recover at your peak, you must return and keep returning to your unique self-made first principles.

These are built on your purpose. (why)

Your philosophy and your vision? These are three humongous questions and, as such, they should ideally take up the space they necessitate.

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