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Engaging with uncertainty

“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Engaging with uncertainty means detaching from outcomes.

It means only reviewing them to enjoy small wins or to face inevitable learning and then keep it moving.

Many creators and indeed us ourselves have often fallen into the trap of being all show but no grind. The paradox in branding is that everything unwillingly follows the unwritten code of “fake it until you make it”. Many fall into this trap of selling something they can't match.

A brand is not meant to be just a sales or marketing tool. When done right, it becomes an extension of you, your product and all of your reputation. Setting standards you can't match especially when they are not in line with your values is a great way to stumble.

Engaging with uncertainty means constantly admitting that it might not be the target or vision that is moving but the skill and process of refining it, that needs fine-tuning.

This means taking accountability and responsibility for each result you get.

As a loved one, as a creator/creative, as a member of the communities you deem fit and as a Human being.

Uncertainty vs Creativity

"The future is uncertain — but its uncertainty is at the very heart of creativity."
Ilya Prigogine

Creativity no matter what form it comes in is the act of creating and bringing ideas into existence from nothing.

Uncertainty consists of being confronted with the unknown and with that different paths to change. Creativity requires change. Change requires uncertainty.

Creativity and change both imply new paths and open-mindedness but they also bring the caveat of uncertainty.

There are many ways to engage with uncertainty and even if you choose not to. Eventually, you must.

You can engage with it by finally taking the first steps to bring your idea to life. By indulging in a new type of art or learning a new skill. By experimenting with a food you have never tasted. By talking with strangers. By finally taking that leap and starting that thing you were planning for the future. Each and any of these acts can result in feedback and momentum.

You can choose to view uncertainty as something to be wary of, yet those split seconds are often self-fueled and self-fulfilling. Then there is the path of positive uncertainty, a relationship that builds leverage through practice and experience in any form.

Facing the unknown will never be easy yet the risk will most likely prove worth it more often than not.

Being afraid is being driven by your anxiety. Gather inspiration but take steps and make space to engage with uncertainty without the influence of others.

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